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Bury the Hatchet double music CD features The Stolen Sea (Nate Meng, Allison Lenz, Hannah Edlén, John Hitchcock), Emily Arthur, Jason Cutnose, Ryan Lansing, Caitlin Mead, Chad Oliver, Juanita Pahdopony, Johnny Reid, Justen Renyer, and Anneliese Valdes. 


Through oral history and music, the Bury the Hatchet music recording intertwines storytelling and Kiowa & Comanche songs with soundscapes of steel guitar, cello, clarinet, accordion and guitars. The remix of archival recorded voices (oral histories) challenges the western perspective of the written word by reinforcing indigenous views of oral history passed on from generation to generation through storytelling. Thus storytelling becomes a format for the transmission of embodied truths and untold histories.

Bury the Hatchet music CD

  • Saddle Mountain
    Parallel Trees

    Rainy Mountain Falling Stars (Taps 1)
    4 Mile Road
    Lone Wolf and the War with Texas (Meers Road Part 1)

    Bury the Hatchet

    Star House/Set’tainte Song
    Jimmy Creek (A Comanche Story)

    A Comanche Prayer (Meers Road Part 2)
    Day is Done (Taps 2)


  • Emily Arthur – Day is Done
    Jason Cutnose  – Kiowa Stories
    Hannah Edlén – clarinet, sound design
    Hohn Hitchcock – pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar, electric guitar
    Ryan Lansing – electric guitar
    Allison Lenz – cello, percussion
    Caitlin Mead – opera performance on Dohasan (When they attack)
    Nate Meng – piano, synthesizer, percussion
    Chad Oliver – Guitar Noise Samples
    Juanita Pahdopony – Comanche Prayer
    Johnny Reid  – Comanche Story
    Justen Renyer – remix of Kiowa Story
    Anneliese Valdes – electric bass, trumpet, saxophone, baritone
    1978 Family Recordings – made at Johnny and Peggy Reid HYW 49 Dance Ground, Oklahoma
    1999 Comanche and Kiowa hymnals – recorded at Lawton, Oklahoma
    1996 Kiowa Flag Song and Set’tainte Song  – recorded at Saddle Mountain, Oklahoma

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