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Bury the Hatchet Album consists of 2 white vinyl records (10 songs), 1 screenprinted cover page (gold ink on black paper), 4 separate handprinted letterpress prints inserted into the album, album insert with text, and special cd insert consisting of Dohasan (When They Attack) Performed by Caitlin Mead and Hannah Edlen with Nate Meng.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Bury the Hatchet

  • Bury the Hatchet Album features The Stolen Sea (Nate Meng, Allison Lenz, Hannah Edlén, John Hitchcock), Emily Arthur, Jason Cutnose, Ryan Lansing, Caitlin Mead, Chad Oliver, Juanita Pahdopony, Johnny Reid, Justen Renyer, and Anneliese Valdes.  

  • Saddle Mountain
    Parallel Trees

    Rainy Mountain Falling Stars (Taps 1)
    4 Mile Road
    Lone Wolf and the War with Texas (Meers Road Part 1)

    Bury the Hatchet

    Star House/Set’tainte Song
    Jimmy Creek (A Comanche Story)

    A Comanche Prayer (Meers Road Part 2)
    Day is Done (Taps 2)





    Emily Arthur – Day is Done

    Jason Cutnose  – Kiowa Stories

    Hannah Edlén – clarinet, sound design

    john Hitchcock – pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar, electric guitar

    Ryan Lansing – electric guitar

    Allison Lenz – cello, percussion

    Caitlin Mead – opera performance on Dohasan (When they attack)

    Nate Meng – piano, synthesizer, drums, percussion

    Chad Oliver – Guitar Noise Samples

    Juanita Pahdopony – Comanche Prayer

    Johnny Reid  – Comanche Story

    Justen Renyer – remixed of Kiowa Story

    Anneliese Valdes – electric bass, trumpet, saxophone, baritone

    1978 Family recordings – made at Johnny and Peggy Reid HYW 49 Dance Ground

    1999 Comanche and Kiowa hymnals - recorded at Lawton, Oklahoma

    1996 Kiowa Flag Song and Set'tainte Song  – recorded at Saddle Mountain


    This album is dedicated to honoring our elders (those with us and those in the spirit world); to my P’AH-BE’s Jason Cutnose (Kiowa), Shade Large (Comanche), Byron Poafpybitty (Comanche) and Bob Cox; my grandparents Johnny Reid (Kiowa), Peggy Reid (Comanche); mother Anita Hitchcock (Comanche); father Jim Hitchcock (German/Dutch); my aunt Peggy Reid Walton (Comanche) and cousin Edward Nahquaddy (Comanche). Rest in Peace my family. Uda Aho


    All songs recorded by Nate Meng and Ryan Lancing for Sunday Night Records at Maywood Mission House and MOD Studios. 4 Mile recorded at Dayton Street Home for Misfits and Mutants. Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room, Milwaukee, WI.

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